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How often does Promotion update?

As often as I get around to it~

Do I need to have read Prophecy Failed to understand Promotion?

Not really. There's a lot you're missing, but there nothing actually required.

I like military comics! Will I like this one?

Proooooobably not, unless your favorite thing about the army is its bureaucracy.

What do you use to make comics?

Clip Studio Paint on a Surface 7 Pro tablet.

Will Promotion be coming out in print?

It's pretty unlikely at this point, unless I have someone come in and help me with it.

Ok but will there be a Prophecy Failed omnibus in print?

Also unlikely, because poring over 700+ pages of comics when the last print volume sold only a handful of copies doesn't seem like it's worth my time. I'd rather keep moving forward drawing new comic pages.

How can I support the comic?

Telling people about it is immensely helpful, and free! I also have an itch.io site where you can buy various pdfs, and a Patreon.