How often does Promotion update?

As often as I get around to it~

Do I need to have read Prophecy Failed to understand Promotion?

Not really. There's a lot you're missing, but there nothing actually required.

I like military comics! Will I like this one?

Proooooobably not, unless your favorite thing about the army is its bureaucracy.

What do you use to make comics?

Clip Studio Paint for sketch/ink/colors and Photoshop CS2 for letters on a Cintiq Companion 2.

Will Promotion be coming out in print?

It's pretty unlikely at this point, unless I have someone come in and help me with it.

Ok but will there be a Prophecy Failed omnibus in print?

Also unlikely, because poring over 700+ pages of comics when the last print volume sold only a handful of copies doesn't seem like it's worth my time. I'd rather keep moving forward drawing new comic pages.

How can I support the comic?

Telling people about it is immensely helpful, and free! For monetary support, I have a Patreon and a ko-fi, but really, any kind of support is welcome.

Why do you keep removing the comments section?

Sara has what is clinically known as Poo Brain and sometimes needs to save herself from herself.