About the Comic:

Newly appointed High General Melissa Fairchild has everything she’s ever wanted; she’s the second most powerful person in the kingdom of Aelmidde (though she’s not sure she’s earned it), and now she just has to make sure she doesn’t screw up and lose it all. (Again.) Which is easier said than done, because she’s got to deal with her job, people waiting for her to fail, and (oh no) ~feelings~.



About the Creator:

Sara McCardle-Blunk grew up in rural California, where there isn’t much to do other than make up stories about people who don’t exist. And play video games. She also likes science, history, books, and other things, but does not like The Doors. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with two cats and a brother.



Contact info:

Email: saramccardleblunk @ gmail.com